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Executive coaching provides organizations and corporations a tremendous resource for employees’ personal and professional development. It is an efficient, high-impact process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles improve performance, gain insight, and improve decision-making skills in sustainable and measurable ways.  Through executive coaching, leaders are able to support employees’ ability to add value to the organization, its customers and stakeholders. Dr. Janelle uses positive psychology and strength-based assessments/approaches to help employees’ gain self-awareness; clarify goals, mission, and vision; achieve developmental objectives; unlock purpose, value and potential; and serve in an advocacy or advisory board capacity. Executive coaching is perfect for all business sizes (small, mid-size and large), both private and public sectors, and nonprofit organizations.

I have had to learn how to live life on my own terms.

Specialized Coaching Areas Include

  • Leadership Development for high-potential individual contributors, front-line leaders, and mid-level leaders.
  • Team Coaching to improve productivity, effectiveness, strengthen collegial relationship, and build alignment among teams.
  • Organizational Performance and Growth to get clarity on organizational strategy and direction.
  • Effective Communication to build executive presence, gain influence, and improve presentation style.
  • Innovation and Change to leverage and launch new initiatives, grow the organization,  learning, identifying opportunities, strategic change, organizational development.
  • Career Development to improve organizational transition changes and challenges, develop alternative careers pathways, evaluate performance, and increase skill-set.
  • Work, Life, Family Balance Initiatives to bring equilibrium to work, family, hobbies and health commitments.
  • Emotional Intelligence Development to support self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill development.

The Process: How We Will Meet

Depending on your organization’s culture, executive coaching services are available in two formats – internal or external coaching. Both services are available on-site, virtually, or at a Raleigh/Durham local conference space.

Internal coaching services are rendered on a long-term, constructional basis or in a full or part-time, salary, staff capacity.  Length and number of sessions are evaluated after initial consultation appointment and dependent on the needs of the organization.  Internal coaching provides deeper, more personalized relationship building with the organization and client(s), leading to a deeper understanding and engagement with the organization culture and processes.

External coaching services are rendered on a short, contractual basis. Length and number of sessions are evaluated after our initial consultation appointment and dependent on the needs of the organization. Services are available for individuals and/or teams. External coaching offers timely, sensitive feedback, and the ability to focus exclusively on the needs of the client(s) leading to significant performance results in a compressed time frame.

The Process

How We Will Meet

Prior to getting started with Dr. Janelle, together you’ll determine the best approach to meet (in-person, phone, Skype, etc.) and create a calendar for how often based on the number of sessions you select and your needs. She is also available as often as needed via email between sessions.  Before each meeting, you will be emailed a Coaching Agenda and Prep Form to assist you in preparing for your session.  This will give you time to clarify what you most want to focus on.

Initial Coaching Period

The benefits of an effective coaching experience builds over time.  In order to make this experience as valuable as possible, I highly recommend a minimum coaching period of three months with all of my clients.  Additionally, six to twelve months is the most effective approach to establish longer-term support as you make major transitions and changes in your personal and professional life.  After the initial period, you may extend as long and as often as you like.  My clients often stay with me long past our initial coaching period.

Preferred Client Status

Since I limit my private coaching practice to a small number of inspiring clients, most of whom continue coaching for an extended period, my coaching schedule fills quickly and there is often a waiting list for new clients.  If you stop coaching and decide later to come back, we will do our best to accommodate your request by giving you “preferred client” status on the waiting list.  The waiting period varies and we’ll be glad to discuss it further with you should the need arise.  Your coaching timeslot is a “reservation” on my calendar, a committed time period that I dedicate to you and your goals.

Extra Time

As a corporate client, you’re more than welcome to call or email me between calls if you cannot wait to share a success, need advice, have a challenge, or just want to check in. I have time between our regular calls, and enjoy providing this extra level of service. I do not bill for this type of additional time, I only request that we keep extra calls to 5 to 10 minutes each.

Premium Packages

In order to provide you with the best overall outcome, we structure our coaching options in a way to serve you best. You have the opportunity to choose from a 3-, 6- or 12-month package. If you have something else in mind, please share your thoughts. Our coaching opportunities are as follows:

  • Complimentary Introductory Session: 1 mini-session (1, 20-minute exploratory session)
  • Starter Package: 3 months (6, 60-minute sessions)
  • Intermediate Package: 6 months (12, 60-minute sessions)
  • Advanced Package: 12 months + 2 In-Person Starter Sessions (24, 60-minutes sessions + 2, 120-minutes sessions)
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