“My Superpower is helping corporate clients build high-performing, resilient, and mindful leaders.”

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A Transformation Coach to Help You Live Your Best Life

Dr. Janelle Ellis-Holloway is a transformation coach and transformational life and living expert whose practice focuses on personal development and leading others. Dr. Janelle’s coaching and consulting will help you attain the transformation necessary to move your life to the next level.

Her Key Programs and Services Include:
  • Personal and Professional Development for early and established career professionals, emerging leaders, career-transitioners and everyone in between.
  • Developing Methods and Coping Skills for individuals living with a chronic illness and/or needing trauma recovery.
  • Supporting Women of Color who are experiencing issues centered around workplace challenges, healthy lifestyle, balance and well-being.
  • Sharing Opportunities for P-16 Educators to create healthy lifestyle, balance, and well-being.
  • Instructing K-12 Children and Youth in the development of mindfulness practices.
Dr. Janelle will help you in finding a deep sense of passion and purpose by listening to your authentic voice, claiming your authentic self, and living out your authentic purpose.

Together, she will help you to move you from surviving to thriving. And most importantly, she is a transformation coach who will help you step into the ultimate position of human flourishing, where you will enter each and every world space as your whole, perfect and complete integrated self.

As an amazing transformation coach, Dr. Janelle provides individual coaching, organizational and executive coaching, mastermind group coaching, speaking engagements, and educational cohort learning experiences. Dr. Janelle can help you transform your life.


Dr. Janelle’s Services

Executive Leadership Coach
Individual Coaching
Educators + Students
Speaking Engagements

Specialty Areas

Through the power of positive psychology coaching and strengths-based consulting we can develop a full plan for personal growth and/or professional development that helps you identify your goals, create do-able action steps, and develop a practice of structure and consistency. You will be coached through each action step of your journey, and your progress and achievement will be monitored and supported.

  • Mind/Body Resilience
  • Character Value + Professional Strengths
  • Thought Management
  • Early Accountability
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Life Transitions
  • Goal Setting + Growth Mindset
  • Understanding Self
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Self-Care + Self-Regulation
  • Cultivating Wholeness
  • Compassion + Gratitude Therapy

For Over a Decade,
Dr. Janelle Has Helped People to Transform + Flourish

Dr. Janelle has been an incredible support to me as I am working to achieve my goals. She is a kind, attentive listener as well as an agile, comprehensive coach. She has provided me with great templates and tools that allow me to take control of my future and that help me put all things into perspective.

Simply put, she is amazing!
Testimonial | Dr. Janelle Ellis-Holloway | Transformation Coach + Transformation Catalyst

My coaching sessions with Dr. Janelle were just what I needed to get unstuck and move forward during a period of transition in my life. She helped me identify the things that were getting in my way,  strategies to overcome them, and create an action plan. I felt encouraged, heard and celebrated as I transformed fear and took steps forward, shifting my perspective to see opportunities as they arise. I appreciated her support and guidance to get clear on my larger vision,  ultimately reconnecting me with my inner advocate and truth.

Testimonial | Dr. Janelle Ellis-Holloway | Transformation Coach + Transformation Catalyst

Janelle Ellis-Holloway is a Positive Psychology Practitioner for my 501(c)3 Non Profit, The Wakaboomee Adventure Traveling Education Program. As a former Science teacher, Janelle is passionate about providing youth with the tools to be leaders academically but she also recognizes how important it is to have the tools to emotionally function in a sometimes overwhelming world. Using Positive Psychology, interactive open discussion and role play Janelle is able to empower Wakaboomers and equip them with the techniques to articulate their feelings in a respectful and concise demeanor. She helps Wakaboomers have the confidence needed to stand up for their opinions, their morality and values amidst persecution and taunting. Without Janelle, I could not provide the full scope of my vision for The Wakaboomee Program. When I created The Wakaboomee Program, my goal was to provide children with the tools to be well rounded, who can function in an ever changing technological and emotional world – mindfulness and positive psychology are critical to that overall achievement. I am tremendously thankful to Janelle for her invaluable continued contributions to my 501(c)3 in our united efforts to impact the lives of children one child at a time.

Janelle takes my breath away. Truly beautiful on the inside and out. She knows her craft and she expresses it effortlessly in a way in which children are curious and receptive to it. Her mild spirit allows her knowledge to reach children from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Consistent. Kind. Reciprocal. These are just three (of the infinite) words I can confidently use to describe Dr. Janelle’s work ethic, leadership style, and spirit. During the 5+ years of knowing her, she has only demonstrated grace, authenticity, and curiosity. She has served as a leadership mentor, life coach, accountability partner, walking buddy, brainstorming facilitator, sounding board, and sistahfriend. From navigating new spaces as a first-generation college student from a Black immigrant background, to applying for top scholarships and nationally competitive fellowships, to reflecting on values and intentions, Dr. Janelle has SHOWN UP.

Janelle is an incredible coach and person. I am grateful to have received her coaching support. She helped me feel not alone in the challenges of growing my business, and was incredibly positive and supportive. She is genuine, kind, knowledgeable and intentional. I’d highly recommend anyone looking for support and assistance with accomplishing goals to work with Janelle.

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