Mastermind Group Coaching

Our mastermind group is designed to help you lean on the collective wisdom, energy, guidance and intelligence of others. It offers a combination of peer-to-peer mentoring, support and accountability; education; creative thinking; connection and group dialogue. Think of it as an exclusive community of like-minded individuals or your personal peer advisory board, coming together to tackle challenges, share insight and advice, and achieve success, together. In this group experience, Dr. Janelle serves as the lead facilitator, sometimes a subject matter expert, sometimes a teacher, but always the ‘empowerment specialist’ – helping empower the group to create success for each member. Additionally, her role is to ensure group integrity and dynamics; manage our agenda, goals and direction; and provide personal attention when needed.

The beauty of the mastermind group is each member shares with each other. Everyone brings their high-quality of unique talents, skills, strengths, and knowledge to the table. Quality of our time is important to our meetings to ensure proper feedback, advice, and support is active and available to everyone. At the close of each group meeting, you will see an amazing shift in your perspective, a significant change in your mindset and a renewed sense of empowerment to live life on your own terms.

Mastermind groups offer a great balance to group and individual coaching. It is a cost effective way to receive feedback, and support each other on pressing topics, complex issues, and timely discussions that matter in the workplace and our complex daily lives. Similarly, to coaching you will brainstorm, design action plans, use your creative energy and be accountable. And, most importantly, you will still be able to share your Truth, be an effective listener, demonstrate your compassion, and build community.

How Mastermind Group Coaching differs from individual or group coaching is you will hear from experts in many professional areas and be present as the resident expert in your field – ready, and available to share your wisdom and insight with the group. Some months may feature special guest speakers outside the Mastermind Group, but since the group already includes purpose and passion-driven individuals, our presence as Mastermind Group members provides a core foundation for growth, healing, and strength. In essence, our fearless Mastermind Group provides all the power and fulfillment we need to create excellence!

Mastermind Groups are perfect for organization/corporate work groups, team building, professional groups, school leaders, and youth/children groups. Let Dr. Janelle facilitate a Mastermind Group for you.

How to Enroll in the Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions

Mastermind Group Sessions are small, generally 15 members, thus enrollment fills fast! You can find the monthly topics on the Mastermind Group web page.

You can enroll in a single Mastermind Group session based on a specific topic of interest; one that aligns with your vision, mission, or goals; a book interest we are reading, to participate in a 30 day challenge, a Laser Moment session, etc. All session’s topics support personal growth, professional and leadership development, business/entrepreneurial growth and awareness, women’s empowerment, balance and healthy living, and advocacy, empowerment and social change agency.

The best bang for your buck is to enroll as a monthly or annual Mastermind Group member. As a monthly member, you pay a small monthly fee or an annual cost-savings fee. You are guaranteed enrollment to any session.  You may cancel at any time.

Signing up is easy!  Just click here!

How We Will Meet

As we enter a new time and space, we have the opportunity to learn in a new way. For now, all of our Mastermind Classes will be held online and that means you can join us from wherever you are, and bring your global voice to the table. We will meet twice a month for 90-minutes. Our meeting time is determined by the availability of the group members. Once enrollment has reached maximum capacity, a logistics survey is emailed to determine best day/time and location.  

Our meeting time is determined by the availability of the group members. Once enrollment has reached maximum capacity, a logistics survey is emailed to determine best day/time and location. Online group meetings will meet through Zoom.

What You’ll Gain from Mastermind Sessions

The facilitator will design the agenda topic discussions, session agenda/goals, questions, etc. Group members are encouraged to submit subject topics, special guest speakers, book titles, ideas, etc. Each meeting we will devote 60 minutes to the session subject topic. In the last 30 minutes of the meeting, a member will have a chance to be in the ‘spotlight’ and have a Laser Moment session where they bring a specific personal growth or professional development subject, topic, challenge, concern that they would like the Mastermind Group members to lend advice to; share wisdom, feedback, and encouragement. The Laser Moment spotlight is voluntary. Group members will have a chance to bring a personal question, concern, and challenge to the group.  An interest form will be sent out a week prior to the spotlight member. Dr. Janelle will help the member develop their question(s) for maximum delivery, understanding, and focus.

Mastermind Group Member Expectations

As a Mastermind Group Coaching Member, you are expected to:

  • Be a focused, supportive and encouraging mastermind partner
  • Be willing to give as much help and advice as you receive
  • Be ready to grow personally and professionally
  • Have the desire and inspiration to lead self and others to achievement or greater success
  • Be committed to attending all meetings (either in-person or via video conference)
  • Be open and ready to learn from your peers
  • Be willing to invest time, money, emotion and willpower for self-care practice and creating the life you want
  • Protect the privacy and safety when others share what truly matters to them

For Our Preferred Clients

As a Preferred Client (an individual who is enrolled in Private Sessions with Dr. Janelle) in addition to cost-savings and guaranteed enrollment in all group sessions, monthly and annual members enjoy:

  • A Locked in Forever Price monthly or annual rate. Your monthly rate will never increase as long as you are a member.
  • Early notification and registration of Mastermind Group weekend retreats, special guest speakers, etc.
  • One phone or virtual individual coaching session a month with Janelle
  • Discounts on Premium Coaching Packages
  • Discounts on Dr. Janelle’s products, classes, etc.

Lock In Your Forever Price

Lock in your pricing to get the best rate for this amazing opportunity:

For More Than 10 Years, Dr. Janelle Has Helped People to Transform + Flourish

Dr. Janelle has been an incredible support to me as I am working to achieve my goals. She is a kind, attentive listener as well as an agile, comprehensive coach. She has provided me with great templates and tools that allow me to take control of my future and that help me put all things into perspective.

Simply put, she is amazing!
Testimonial | Dr. Janelle Ellis-Holloway | Transformation Coach + Transformation Catalyst

My coaching sessions with Dr. Janelle were just what I needed to get unstuck and move forward during a period of transition in my life. She helped me identify the things that were getting in my way,  strategies to overcome them, and create an action plan. I felt encouraged, heard and celebrated as I transformed fear and took steps forward, shifting my perspective to see opportunities as they arise. I appreciated her support and guidance to get clear on my larger vision,  ultimately reconnecting me with my inner advocate and truth.

Janelle Ellis-Holloway is a Positive Psychology Practitioner for my 501(c)3 Non Profit, The Wakaboomee Adventure Traveling Education Program. As a former Science teacher, Janelle is passionate about providing youth with the tools to be leaders academically but she also recognizes how important it is to have the tools to emotionally function in a sometimes overwhelming world. Using Positive Psychology, interactive open discussion and role play Janelle is able to empower Wakaboomers and equip them with the techniques to articulate their feelings in a respectful and concise demeanor. She helps Wakaboomers have the confidence needed to stand up for their opinions, their morality and values amidst persecution and taunting. Without Janelle, I could not provide the full scope of my vision for The Wakaboomee Program. When I created The Wakaboomee Program, my goal was to provide children with the tools to be well rounded, who can function in an ever changing technological and emotional world – mindfulness and positive psychology are critical to that overall achievement. I am tremendously thankful to Janelle for her invaluable continued contributions to my 501(c)3 in our united efforts to impact the lives of children one child at a time.

Janelle takes my breath away. Truly beautiful on the inside and out. She knows her craft and she expresses it effortlessly in a way in which children are curious and receptive to it. Her mild spirit allows her knowledge to reach children from all walks of life and backgrounds.

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