The Wakaboomee Program 501(c)3

Dr. Janelle serves as a Mindfulness Coach for The Wakaboomee Program 501(c)3, serving K-12 students via Wakaboomee Mindfulness and serving adults via Wakaboomee Wellness.  Through the power of positive psychology, strength-based coaching and contemplative practice she helps students, adults, and families develop a full plan for personal, professional, and leadership growth. Individuals are coached through each action step of your journey, and your progress and achievement will be monitored and supported. 

Key Services for Wakaboomee Children and Families Include:

  • Bi-weekly mindfulness coaching for K-12 students, facilitated through The Wakaboomee Program 501(c)3
  • Leadership Development for Adults
  • Mindfulness Practice for Families
  • Resilience Development
  • Goal Setting + Growth Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Self-Care + Self-Regulation

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Coaching for Professional Educators and Students: K-12, Undergraduate, and Graduate Students

Individual and Group Coaching for professional educators and students develops personal skills such as developing more direct, focused, attainable goals; building resilience and confidence; creating a habit of mind for open-mindedness, curiosity, and confidence; developing creative problem-solving; and dimensions of teaching, learning and knowing.

Academic Coaching for students is one of the best ways to personalize your educational journey and get on track academically. Dr. Janelle has expertise in teaching, learning assistance, academic advising, and academic and student affairs. We focus on how to integrate academic skills, executive skills, performance-based skills and daily living to improve academic success. We blend holistic-based, transformational coaching and academic support to help clients create innovative strategies to study smarter, manage time better, prepare for test, and design learning strategies. Academic coaching is available for K-12, undergraduate and graduate students and is generalized for all subject-areas.

Mentoring Partnerships for professional educators and students are perfect when our clients need a purposeful and personal relationship where an experienced professional can provide guidance, feedback and wisdom to facilitate overall personal and professional growth and development. Dr. Janelle defines mentoring as a developmental relationship, based on collaborative partnerships, and critical dialogue. Her goal is to advance her mentees toward self-reflection, self-development and action. Mentoring relationships are excellent for transitional experiences such as high school to college transitions, college to career transitions, job changes, exploration of identity, dealing with work challenges or new responsibilities, or simply to strengthen your emotional intelligence.

The Process

How Will We Meet?

Either just for your child, children. or for your entire family, our coaching services for The Wakaboomee program can be held either online or in person. Prior to your first session, Dr. Janelle will meet with you during a no-cost consultation session to better understand your mission, vision, goals, and your family dynamics. This will help her to clarify any specific needs, and make special accommodations to ensure that a universal design of services is created and eventually, accomplished.

As we enter a new time and space, we have the opportunity to learn in a new way with online sessions. For now, all of our services will be held online and that means you can join us from wherever you are. Online meetings are being done through Zoom.

How Long Will We Work Together?

The benefits of coaching are incredible. Our coaching services improve capacity to:

  • Promote systems and strategic thinking.
  • Strengthen individual confidence and build team morale.
  • Improve communication and inter-group relationships and dynamics.
  • Support work, family, life healthy balance.

In order to make this experience as valuable as possible, we highly recommend a minimum coaching period of three months for all clients. Additionally, six to twelve months is the most effective approach to establishing longer-term support as you make major transitions in your personal and professional life. After the initial period, you may extend as long and as often as you like. My clients often stay with me long past our initial coaching period.

Preferred Client Status

For Individuals and Families: To fully meet your needs, we recommend multiple sessions. Services fill quickly and there is often a waiting list for new clients. If after your first contract is complete and you decide to renew your sessions, we will do our best to accommodate your request by giving you “preferred client” status on the waiting list.

Premium Packages

In order to provide you with the best overall outcome, we structure our coaching options in a way to serve you best. You have the opportunity to choose from a 3-, 6- or 12-month package. If you have something else in mind, please share your thoughts. Our coaching opportunities are as follows:

  • Complimentary Introductory Session: 1 mini-session (1, 20-minute exploratory session)
  • Starter Package: 3 months (6, 60-minute sessions)
  • Intermediate Package: 6 months (12, 60-minute sessions)
  • Advanced Package: 12 months + 2 In-Person Starter Sessions (24, 60-minutes sessions + 2, 120-minutes sessions)

For More Than 10 Years, Dr. Janelle Has Helped People to Transform + Flourish

Dr. Janelle has been an incredible support to me as I am working to achieve my goals. She is a kind, attentive listener as well as an agile, comprehensive coach. She has provided me with great templates and tools that allow me to take control of my future and that help me put all things into perspective.

Simply put, she is amazing!
Testimonial | Dr. Janelle Ellis-Holloway | Transformation Coach + Transformation Catalyst

My coaching sessions with Dr. Janelle were just what I needed to get unstuck and move forward during a period of transition in my life. She helped me identify the things that were getting in my way,  strategies to overcome them, and create an action plan. I felt encouraged, heard and celebrated as I transformed fear and took steps forward, shifting my perspective to see opportunities as they arise. I appreciated her support and guidance to get clear on my larger vision,  ultimately reconnecting me with my inner advocate and truth.

Janelle Ellis-Holloway is a Positive Psychology Practitioner for my 501(c)3 Non Profit, The Wakaboomee Adventure Traveling Education Program. As a former Science teacher, Janelle is passionate about providing youth with the tools to be leaders academically but she also recognizes how important it is to have the tools to emotionally function in a sometimes overwhelming world. Using Positive Psychology, interactive open discussion and role play Janelle is able to empower Wakaboomers and equip them with the techniques to articulate their feelings in a respectful and concise demeanor. She helps Wakaboomers have the confidence needed to stand up for their opinions, their morality and values amidst persecution and taunting. Without Janelle, I could not provide the full scope of my vision for The Wakaboomee Program. When I created The Wakaboomee Program, my goal was to provide children with the tools to be well rounded, who can function in an ever changing technological and emotional world – mindfulness and positive psychology are critical to that overall achievement. I am tremendously thankful to Janelle for her invaluable continued contributions to my 501(c)3 in our united efforts to impact the lives of children one child at a time.

Janelle takes my breath away. Truly beautiful on the inside and out. She knows her craft and she expresses it effortlessly in a way in which children are curious and receptive to it. Her mild spirit allows her knowledge to reach children from all walks of life and backgrounds.

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