Is Professional and Executive Coaching Right for Me: The Coaching Readiness Test

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Coaching is truly about having the willingness and openness to answer tough answers and take action steps for success. When people ask Dr. Janelle if professional coaching is right for them, she responds with two important questions: 1) Do you want to make a transformative change in your personal and/or professional life? 2) Are you ready to tap into your strengths, talents and potential, and put in the real work to make that change happen?  If they answer yes to both questions, then YES they are likely a great fit for personal and/or executive coaching.  Need a deeper test? Take our coaching readiness test.

Let’s dig a little deeper! Below is a list of self-assessment questions. It is not a scientific assessment but it does ask thoughtful questions that with honest answers, will give you a good sense of your fit and readiness to start professional coaching. Answer the following True/False questions based on your recent thoughts, experiences, or first reaction (within the last month or so).  Typically, your first response is usually the truest, so do not spend too much time searching your mind and heart for a “right” answer.


Coaching Readiness Test: Rate Yourself on a Scale of 1 (No, not at this time) to 5 (Yes, absolutely)

  1. ___I know I want more out of my life, but struggle to define clarity of my purpose, create specific goals, and take action.
  2. ___I am able to set fear aside, be open to my truths, and make any necessary changes for transformation.
  3. ___Having strong relationships is important to me but I struggle with developing and sustaining relationships with family, friends, co-workers.
  4. ___I need feedback and professional guidance on what I can do to create success in     my career and work experience.
  5. ___Do you have positive feelings about learning new things?
  6. ___When life’s obstacles and barriers get in the way, are you able to stay in control, focused, and move through the barriers.
  7. ___I have motivation.
  8. ___Do you know what’s really holding you back from implementing that great idea?
  9. ___Do you feel stuck somewhere in your personal or professional growth?
  10. ___Are you at a career crossroad and need help with developing alternatives and options?
  11. ___I need to develop a contemplative practice in my daily life to reduce stress and anxiety, or to create a place of peace and tranquility, but I don’t know where to start?
  12. ___It is easy for me to communicate my needs and desires to others.
  13. ___Do you know your values and strengths and how to maximize them in your personal growth and professional development?
  14. ___Are you willing to invest time, emotion, willpower and energy into a productive coaching relationship?


Your Score ___ (14 – 70)

If your score is:

  • 14 – 28: A professional coach is the perfect complement to your personal growth and development. What’s the first thing you’d like to work on? When would you like to start?
  • 29 – 42: A professional coach can help you create the strategy and actions for moving forward! You are ready to take control of your life, your career and your personal success.
  • 43 – 70: You are probably already moving forward in designing the purpose-driven life you want and deserve.  A professional coach could help you cross the finish line in record timing!


You are done! Dr. Janelle is here for YOU, your hopes, your dreams, and your future. Contact her to get started by clicking here


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